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“What is my body saying no to that I didn’t say no to? Your illness can become your teacher, toward authenticity.” 

- Dr. Gabor Maté, author of 'When the Body Says No' -

What is Holistic Wellness? 

Holistic Wellness is rooted in Natural Living, Harmonizing your Mind, Body, Spirit + Space with the natural Rhythms of life. It's the way we were meant to live! Learn how to get back there while still being a modern babe.

Through Kundalini Yoga, Non-Toxic Living, Evolutionary Astrology and Knowledgeable Support you'll learn to create new daily patterns to Rewire your Neural Pathways for Ease, Joy + Wellbeing connecting you with the MAGIC you've been searching for.

Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Support your mind, emotions and body with a daily meditation and yogic practice. Kundalini works fast and is unlike many other forms of yoga you may be familiar with. Rebalance your energy and set up your day to be stress-free.

Non-Toxic Living Did you know that the average home is 10x more toxic than the outdoors?! A pure home allows our body's the space away from the endless toxic exposures we encounter so it can rejuvenate daily. Learn how to remove this burden from your body and life creating a home sancturay for your wellbeing to naturally flourish.

Evolutionary Astrology Knowing the purpose of our lives and the cycles we are in, soothes the anxiety of the mind. Find grounding, clarity and trust through understanding the map of your life's plan.

Regular Support When we are going through challenging times, many of us do not have a strong support system of people who've been there and worked through it to show us the way out. And this is the crux of being able to filter through all the varied advice out there on how to be well. I've tried it all and know the challenges you're facing with your family, your work, your peers and the stresses that keep you making decisions that aren't best for you. I hold space with neutrality so you are safe to express anything you're going through without fear of judgement and knowledgable feedback to help you move forward with confidence.


50 Million Americans are struggling with Auto Immune related Disorders with 70% of them being women...and I was one of them! Now, after reversing my disorder, I know the path to healing and can guide you to creating peace, satisfaction and connection in your daily life.

- Georgia Marcantoni

I AM...

When I was just 25 I became deeply ill with an autoimmune disorder that left me bedridden. Western medicine failed me yet that failure opened up a whole new portal where I discovered holistic methods of healing and the deep psycho-spiritual connection that I found in my body. 

Over the last 8 years since my diagnosis, I've learned how to recreate my life so that every aspect of my life could support my wellness, in the process reversing my condition. It opened up a whole new world for me and lead me to my purpose.

This process taught me that illness is a gift. It brought me my lifes mission of teaching others the power our enviornments have on our personal and collective wellbeing. It has deeply humbled me while teaching me the magic of the body, space and the mundane when you learn how to read all of these intricate maps throughout this earth. Not only learning them but connecting to the cycles of the moon and nature has been a profound process of reconnecting to my total self.

This road to wellness has lead me to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist (in process), Evolutionary Astrologer, Non-Toxic Living Designer and soon-to-be Ayurvedic Practitioner.  

Hear what our Community Has to Say

"I had the pleasure of working with Georgia when she lived in New York. Her Kundalini classes were both challenging and powerful. She made me feel supported during our sessions and held space in a compassionate, grounding and thoughtful way. Through sharing and opening up about her own journey, I could see the way her practices have helped transfor her own life. To hear Georgia speak of her own transformation, healing from an automimmune disorder and discovering the depths of her spirituality, reaffirmed me of her knowledge as well as all she has learned through experience. She is a wealth of knowledge and a true healer that one can relate to and deeply trust." lsdkjfsjfsljfsjflsjflsjflsjfljljjjl- ------------- Lindsay, We Are Supernatural, NYC

"I come to (Georgia) for expert knowledge in yoga, astrology, sustainability, wellness, and design. She teaches and leads with not just confidence, but truly a strong, trustworthy, leadership presence and disseminates her knowledge articulately which has provided me a profound level of support during in my own transformational process." - Amy, Happiness Summit, Miami

"Georgia's extensive knowledge on holistic healing has been a wonderful resource for me on my own healing and spiritual path. Since knowing her I have also experienced her amazing ability to hold space both in group (Kundalini) sessions or one-on-one." - Sanna, Yelo Spa, NYC  

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